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About Bunkhouse Recovery Ranch

Bunkhouse Recovery Ranch is a sober living home that provides individualized counseling to address addiction related issues and traumas. We believe that recovery flourishes in a setting where individuals can grow both personally and as a part of a larger group. Our program includes community-based activities, group therapies, and shared experiences.

Our Mission

Bunkhouse Recovery Ranch is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for individuals seeking to overcome addiction. Our mission is to help our clients achieve long-lasting recovery by addressing the root causes of their addiction through individualized counseling and group therapies. Our team of licensed professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality care and support to our clients.

About Pat Potter

Pat Potter is a seasoned professional with a remarkable journey of sobriety dating back to 1994. Over the past 30 years, he has dedicated his life to serving others. Pat's path into this calling was unique; he didn't initially aim for a career in the recovery industry. Instead, he chose crisis management as his primary vocation. This choice has honed his skills as a tactician and strategist, equipping him with the ability to anticipate and navigate the challenges people may encounter, making his situational awareness unparalleled.

Pat's expertise isn't solely based on life experience; he possesses a diverse and impressive educational background. With extensive culinary knowledge, certification as a drug and alcohol counselor, a Masters in Criminology, a Masters in Business, and a Juris Doctorate, he has cultivated a multifaceted skill set. The fusion of this comprehensive education with his wealth of life experience results in a truly dynamic and unique individual. Pat Potter's commitment to helping others and his diverse skill set make him a formidable force in crisis management and beyond.


What We Offer

At Bunkhouse Recovery Ranch, we offer a range of services to support our clients in their journey from addiction to recovery. Our sober living program includes individualized counseling, group therapies, community-based activities, and shared experiences. We believe that addiction recovery is not just about overcoming addiction, but also about building a fulfilling and meaningful life. Our team of professionals is committed to providing personalized care and support to each of our guests.

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